Badri Pangeni

Singer, Former President of National Folk & Duet Song Academy Nepal.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Badri Pangeni's New Lok Dohori 2074/2018 | Kanchhi Oi Kanchhi - Priya Bh...

New Lok Dohori Video 2018/2074 "Kanchhi Oi Kanchhi" By only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.
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Right for this video is provided by Sitara Music Pvt.Ltd.
Nepali Lok Dohori Song - Kanchhi Oye Kanchhi
Singer – Badri Pangeni & Priya Bhandari
Lyrics – Eknarayan Bhandari
Music – Eknarayan Bhandari
Artists – Shankar BC, Rasmi Tamang, Sushil Surya Bansi & Dipika Chaudhary
Editor – Nabin Gharti Magar
Camera – Durga Poudel
Director – Shankar BC

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